Finance Blogs Have It All Wrong!

Finance Blogs Have It All Wrong!

Most finance blogs have it all wrong.  Let me rephrase….they have some of it wrong.

Budgeting, living below your means, saving 50 cents on a can of tuna……  Is this the lazy road to wealth or what?  These are all things that I want to dive into, but they should not be at the forefront of your mind for setting a path to saving money and long term wealth.  To maximize wealth you have to maximize income.  It is as simple as that.  Anyone can live well through careful budgeting, but growing professionally and multiplying the size of a paycheck is the other half of the equation too many ignore.  Us millennials live in a world more competitive than ever due to population growth, volatile job markets, and changes in technology.  It will only get tougher to manage a budget and having a complacent mindset with a particular job and income level will hurt us in the long run.  For those of you who say “the system is rigged,” I would agree.  The system may be rigged, but that should not stop you from achieving things in life.  

finance blogs have it all wrong!

Again – Why are so many blogs giving only half of the advice needed for success?  Because for some reason, no one likes to admit that they want to make a SH#T TON OF MONEY.  I don’t mind admitting it… In fact I’m proud of it.  It must have been one of those generational things that has been passed down to many of us.  The “It’s not proper to talk about how much you make”  mindset we grew up should be corrected.  It should be talked about because it matters.  Too many conversations I used to hear were about not having enough cash for something important.  Not enough conversations were on making it and saving it.

In order to make all of that money that we should have all grown up talking about, we need to maximize income. This requires a valued skill in the marketplace.  For me that skill is salesmanship.  For others that will be writing, building, advising, marketing, research, etc.  Sure you could start your own business.  Its probably a good idea if you have something worth offering.  But most of us simply do not have a bright enough idea, or simply can’t handle the financial risks.   I fell into sales by accident, but the payoff has been significant and career growth prospects are better than I could have expected.  Others with a honed skill will be able to achieve the same thing.  You will gain a reputation, a network, and leverage in salary negotiations.  As a salesperson, I am always thinking about the competition and beating out those who can effectively hurt my wallet.  I not only want to sell more product and grow my territory, but need to do so to make more commissions.  This drive for income has given me a drive for career growth as well.  If I’m not working to move up the ladder and become a bigger fish in the industry, someone else will at my expense.  The higher the professional goal, the more I will be able to achieve.  The more I achieve the more money I can make.  It may sound like a lot of motivational speaker BS, but having “drive” and “ambition” is key to getting to the ideal income level that brings you happiness.  


Complacency is the enemy.  Lets maximize our earnings and stay ahead of the curve.