Bitcoin , Ripple , Ethereum , Pokemon Cards

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You know the Bitcoin bubble has popped when your 70 year old father calls you and asks you “how do these internet money things work.”  I was practically going deaf from all of the crypto noise on the news and on financial websites like Yahoo finance, but I get the hype.  The same thing happened when Pokemon cards came out when I was in elementary school.

People get so obsessed with the hype and prospect of getting rich quick that they compromise their own logic for a pipe dream. Of course, there is logic in recognizing a bubble and using that knowledge in a short term gamble (buy low sell high) but who the heck really knows when the value of something has peaked?  The answer: NOBODY! 

If you work hard for your money, then make smart decisions with your money.  Don’t invest in something speculative unless it represents a very small fraction of your net worth.  There are a million blogs and videos out there that explain blockchain and all of these “currencies.”  I have watched these videos and read the articles, and still can’t explain how it works for the life of me.  This is not my area of expertise and I won’t be gambling any cash on it.

If you are looking for ways to “get rich quick,” then you are probably already making mistakes.  Achieving financial freedom without taking unnecessary risk is very do-able here in the US of A.


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