Where to begin… I’m 27, work in sales, live in New England, and am recently engaged!  Those things are great, but I’m really here to talk about MONEY!!  Not in a “get rich quick” sense, but rather in a planned aggressive approach to financial freedom.

People from all generations are struggling to make ends meet.  My parents generation finds themselves unable to find a way to retire before 75.  Friends my age seem to be living the good life one day, then can’t afford their rent payment the next.  Age is not factor.  The common theme that many fall into the same traps.  There is a false sense of financial security that manifests in different forms for different people.  The truth is that saving and maximizing income are both necessary.  It is at least for the life I hope to build.  The blog is a constant reminder of my long term plan.

My goal with this blog is track my progress and steps to long term financial freedom.  There are lifestyle, financial, and professional elements necessary to build financial security.  At this age I feel like I am on the right track but have much work ahead and much to learn.  Can’t wait to share my experiences, goals, and success stories with readers looking to develop a similar plan!